15 Tallest Buildings in Kenya

15 Tallest Buildings in Kenya & East Africa.

Tallest buildings in Kenya. With Kenya being an Economic hub for Africa and its capital Nairobi housing several multinational companies skyscrapers are the order of the day. Did you know the Tallest building in Africa will be in Nairobi upon its completion?. Choose the Best Contractor

Let’s see how the tallest buildings in Africa fair.

tallest buildings in Africa

This is bound to change by the year 2021 when the tallest building in Kenya is complete.


Kenya has some of the tallest buildings in the region.

List of the Tallest Buildings in Kenya


1.The Palm Exotjca

The Palm Exotjca

This will top the List of the Tallest buildings in Kenya and Africa. The Palm Exotjca will be constructed on Watamu beach in Malindi, Kilifi County overlooking the beautiful Malindi Marine National Park.  The 61 storey building will stand 370m with luxury suites, casino, office suites, restaurants, conference centers, and a mall. This will make the Kenyan coast a world-class tourism hub. The building is designed by a Rome based architect called Lorenzo Pagnini. The Palm Exotjca is owned by investors from New York, South Africa and France Rosso an Italian Billionaire,


2.The Pinnacle Towers

The Pinnacle Towers

Once complete, the 70 storey building will stand over 300m in height,  the Pinnacle towers will be the tallest building in Africa, the 3rd tallest in the Southern Hemisphere on its completion with the Palm Exotjca Construction not yet started, the Palm Exotjca will be the tallest upon completion though construction has not started yet. Its Located in Upper Hill on a 2.5 acres piece of land. The building is owned by Hass Petroleum  and White Lotus Group.


3.Britam Tower

Britam Tower

Britam Tower is currently the tallest building in Nairobi with the other skycrappers still under construction, This tower is owned by British-American Investments Company (Britam). As one of the tallest buildings in Kenya, Britam tower stands at a height of 200 metres.


4.UAP Old Mutual Tower

UAP Old Mutual Tower

UAP Old Mutual Tower is a 33-storey office complex . It stands at a height of 163m on Hospital Road in the Upper Hill neighborhood of Nairobi city. Its owned by UAP Old Mutual Group.

Name Height Image

   5] Times Tower


140m  times tower


 6] Prism Tower  133m  Prism Tower
 7] Le’Mac 126m Le'Mac
 8] Teleposta Towers  120m Teleposta Towers

 9] KCB Plaza

 109m KCB Plaza
 10] KICC  105M Kenyatta International Convention Centre
  11] Social Security House  102M  Social Security House
 12] I&M Bank Tower 99M I&M Bank Tower
 13] Sanlam Tower  88M Sanlam Tower
 14] Nyayo House 84M NYAYO HOUSE