Guide to choosing Contractors in Kenya

Contractors in Kenya : Guide to choosing the Best Contractors

Guide to Choosing Contractors in Kenya. Kenya has many contractors especially due to the fact that its a developing country and w have so many construction projects going on. From Buildings, Roads and many more infrastructural developments.

Guide to Choosing Contractors in Kenya

1. Licensing, certification, and Education

Being a contract needs certification both in school and the different contractor’s regulatory bodies. Before operating as a contractor in Kenya you also need several licenses. Whenever you need the services of contractors in Kenya always make sure that they have all these documents, these are proof that they are competent and law abiding.

2. Insurance- the type of work contractors in Kenya engage in require insurance, the machinery used is expensive, health insurance and insurance for the infrastructure. Insurance is for any perils and accidents that may arise in the course of the contract. Before choosing a contractor to inquire about the type of insurance they have.

3. Pricing– the pricing model of a contractor should be crystal clear, this way every single penny is accounted for, there is no better thing than a client seeing where every single cent of his money is going. Get a pricing model that is economical, sensible and very easy to understand.

4. Communication and Work Guarantee- Contractors in Kenya who communicate effectively are the best, they never leave anything to chance and will always ask for the clients before going forth with anything new in a project. Work Guarantee is all a client needs and they will fall in love with contractors work.

5.Recommendations and Referrals– Contractors in Kenya with a history of good work will always have good reviews and will be recommended by many clients who have loved the works over the years.

6. Humility and Self-Awareness- Humility is one virtual that every contractor should have, a contractor is always on a learning process and to learn from others you need to be humble and the views of others. Self-awareness is knowing what to do and staying true to your values and what you love most and that is the contract jobs.


Guide to Choosing the Best Contractors in Kenya( Video)