Sofa Ideas in Kenya

Sofa Ideas. Your Guide to choosing the best sofas.

Sofa Ideas by Digital Interiors your number one Interior design company in Nairobi and Kenya.

Factors to Consider before implementing any sofa Ideas that you have


Size of Your  Room.


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How big is the room that needs a sofa? what amount of space do you want to be covered by the sofa?. Do you only need one sofa or a set? Is the sofa to be accompanied by a coffe table? How about the shape of the sofa: simple, L-shaped or curved.  If you have a small room, the best decision is to go for a small sofa, with a great design that compliments well with the other features of the house.


Room Orientation

What else will be in the room where you implement the sofa ideas. What will you be doing in the room? Put into some considerations like the view and the flow of wind and fresh air into the room. Consider the lighting of the house and more furniture to be included in the house. In the orientation, you also have to consider the shape of the sofa and how it fits in the design and purpose of the room. The L shaped sofa is great if you have a lot of space and need the space divided. Around sofa is perfect for smaller rooms,Rounder is also convenient for a room where people gather, an office where several people meet or even a media room. For rooms where you need to have more chairs and tables, a daybed is a great idea.


Living room ideas with the Best Sofa Ideas


A sofa that Compliments your Home

Sofa Ideas are the best when they compliment the room. A great sofa idea will fit naturally with the room or home. if you love modern and sleek go for bright colors with some beautiful highlights. If you are vintage and a lover of colors sofa ideas with a mix of colors and vintage designs would do magic for you. Have some traditional touches on the sofa fabric and design to bring out that vintage touch.

Spice up the Colors

The best sofa ideas are the ones that have spiced up colors and colors that perfectly match with the house or room. colors can either be bright, neutral, African or personalized colors

Here some Great Sofa Ideas