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Digital Interiors. What we do Best!

Digital Interiors is a Nairobi based renovation and general contractor with a focus on integrity in business.

We have years of experience working with diverse clients providing high-quality renovation and general contracting services. We offer general contracting services and interior design to residential clients.

Our services include custom homes renovations, repairs, lighting installation, masonry, roofing, custom doors and windows installation and general contracting.

Our main focus is creating a space that is functional, effective; productive flexible environment that optimizes space within the constraints of the building and budget provided.

We provide amazing workspaces that fit your company theme and ideals. Our services include office partitioning, doors installation, painting, light fixtures installation and general renovation.



Digital Interiors Services


Office Partitioning by digital interiors

Office Partitioning by digital interiors

We offer professional office partitioning that includes:

Aluminum Partitions, gypsum or drywall partitions, frameless glass

Partitions, soundproof partitions, foldable partitions, movable partitions,

and masonry or concrete partition.




Wood Work by digital interiors

Wood Work by digital interiors

Our carpentry section prides itself in the ability to fix broken

furniture, wardrobes, drawers or kitchen cabinets, as well as

design, make, install or assemble shoe racks, book shelves, kitchen

shelves, beds, dining sets, living room furniture and a crib

for your infant. Our carpenters fit the bill, and are experienced and

interactive to ensure that your finished product is what you desire.


Metal Works by Digital Interiors

Metal Works by Digital Interiors

Metal Works involves assembly and working with metal to design a

wide range of metal products. These products include gates, walls, doors,

windows, partitions and much more.

Digital Interiors has the best team with experience and skills in metal work



Electrical Works by Digital Interiors

Electrical Works by Digital Interiors


As you very well know, all electrical works should be handled by a trained

professional to avoid either injury or damage to property. We assist in the

installation of electrical items such as bath cubicles, electric fans and heaters,

cookers, chandeliers and other lightings, and a host of other such fittings.

We carry out repairs of cookers, fridges and similar household appliances, and attend to any electrical faults that you may have in your residence.


Plumbing by Digital Interiors

Plumbing by Digital Interiors

We will fix any pipe leaks, shower heads, broken or dis-assembled shower

doors, replace toilet bowls, wash hand basins, taps and other fixtures,

install tiles, and any other headaches that you have to endure preventing

you from having an enjoyable bathroom experience.


Painting & Special Wall Effects By Digital Interiors

Painting & Special Wall Effects By Digital Interiors

Any change is good so long as it leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling! Our painters are

creative, and adaptive to your needs. Be it ceiling painting, door painting, wardrobe

painting or wall painting, you are sure to get the outcome that you want.

We offer painting services a wide range of client   Office, Warehouse, Retail outlets,

Markets, Hospital/Health Care facilities, Academic & learning institution, Hotel, Churches , Homes, Manufacturing/Industrial Facilities, Restaurants,  Public Buildings, Airports and  Authorized Street Painting