Living room ideas in Kenya

Living room ideas in Kenya by Digital interiors

Living Room Ideas  in Kenya by Digital interiors your number one interior design company in Kenya. These are some of the living room ideas to try for your Kenyan homes

Modern and Organic



Living Room Ideas in Kenya: Modern and Organic

The modern and organic living room entails a custom made sections which involve an armchair has a slipcover in natural white linen, and a leather chair. The cocktail table is made of an inverted polished tree stump while a stone mill wheel serves is the side table.


Japanes style living Room



Japanes style living Room


A combination of Japanese styles  wood and leather with wall decors to bring out that Japanese touch of style.

Naturally laid back



Living Room Ideas in Kenya: Naturally laid back

Are you  the kind of person who doesnt like complications and too much detail in your living room. Try the Naturally Laid back living room interior design, It entails walls white in color, a grey upholstery and a wooden furniture .a classic sofa at the centre, introducing  patterned cushions and a carpet.

The Formal Living Room



Living Room Ideas in Kenya :The Formal Living Room

Just as the name , this living room dsign is much simple and more formal, you can have this in your  office or at home if the house is used for formal meetings or if you just love something simple and elegant.

Pink Magic



Living Room Ideas in Kenya :Pink Magic

Pink is one the best colors to incorporate in your living , a simple touch or just a few items in pink make the living room exceptional. Add the pink magic to your house.

 Opposites attract  Living Room



The living room comes with vintage sofas, the sofas play the role of bringing  an elegant feel  into the living room.A coffee table with a carpet beneath for comfort and warmth.


Here are more Living Room Ideas in Kenya

Living Room with a View



Living Room with a view


Here is a list of the best Living Room Designers in Kenya

Bohemian Living Room



Bohemian Living Room

Make it Cosy



Make it Cosy: Living Room Ideas Kenya

Modern Living Room



Modern living room: Living Room Ideas in Kenya

Tactile Textures



Tactile Textures . Living Room Ideas in Kenya

Warming Hues



warming hues


Contemporaly Living Room





Dark Living Room



Dark Living Room



Manhattan Living Room


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