Interior Design in Kenya

Interior Design in Kenya Ideas. From the Best Designer

Interior design in Kenya has evolved over the years to the global level it has gotten. Interior design is the art and process of enhancement of the interior of a building so that it achieves a pleasing and aesthetic look.An interior designer will do research, plan and manage an interior design project so that the final product is perfect and appealing to the client as per his/ her wishes and preferences.

Interior Design in Kenya Process Steps:

  • Conceptual development after having a sit down with the client and they show and tell you what they need.
  • Space planning after the concept and the design has been settled on.
  • Site inspections which involve visiting the site, that is the building, office, home or any other place that needs interior design
  • programming the Interior design project
  • research on the whole project, requirements, and  cost
  • communicating and interaction with the client and other stakeholders of  the project
  • construction management
  • execution of the design and completion

Interior Design in Kenya: What to Look for an Interior Designer in Kenya

  Knack for Design

Being a designer must be in you. The skill must be natural, and perfected by schooling. To be successful in interior Design in Kenya one needs to have an innate flair and taste for color, must be able to do proper arrangements for the project, must have proper architecture and textiles knowledge. You must have a passion for decoration. To be a successful Interior Designer in Kenya you must love interior design from your heart.

Be a People’s Person

To be successful in interior design in Kenya, you must b a peoples person, You must be able to relate well with people. Better relations will lead to referrals. Better relations with interior designers leads to better stories which always give a reputation that gives the interior designer an edge over other competitors. Better interior design in Kenya is enhanced by better relations in that one is able to talk and negotiate with clients even when mistakes are made in the process of construction.

 Develop a Portfolio

The best interior designers must have a portfolio. A Portfolio is one way to show clients the work you have done and customer testimonials. An interior design in Kenya portfolio will have photos and videos of some of the works the interior designer has done. A portfolio is also one way of getting suppliers to trust you and supply you products even on credit.A portfolio is also one way to show the journey one has gone through to get where they are now.Through the portfolio, one is able to do proper marketing.

Perfecting the Client’s Style

To be a successful Interior Designer in Kenya, you need to listen and understand what the client wants and make sure you perfect and improve it to perfection.While interior designers in Kenya can offer clients a wide range of design styles it is very important that you follow what the client needs. You advise them on places to improve but always stay in line with what the client wants.

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Factors To Consider for an Interior Design in Kenya Project

An Interior Design Project  in Kenya to be a success needs one to put into consideration the following factors;

The cost of the Interior Design Project, Before starting on any project it very important to know the amount of money the client plans on  spending on the whole project, After the interior designer knows of the amount of money the client is willing to spend, you gt to know the materials to be used, the design and the amount of work .The bigger the project the more money to be used, same applies if the client wishes to use expensive materials for the project.

Interior Design in Kenya
Interior Design in Kenya

Time available to complete the Project- The amount of time the client wants the project done is very important. Finishing a project in time is the best gift you can give to a client, especially if the projects all the client’s preferences and specifications. When agreeing on the amount of time to spend on the project, one has to consider the size of the project and the availability of the materials being used for the project. One is also advised to add some grace period for corrections and mistakes that may arise.

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