Top Flooring Experts in Nairobi Kenya.

Flooring Experts in Nairobi Kenya.

Top Flooring Experts in Nairobi Kenya. Nairobi Boasts of some of the best professionals and companies in the Region. With the growth of the Real Estate sector in Kenya and the Region, there has been a growth of the construction industry necessitating flooring Experts in Nairobi for professional and quality flooring works.


Here is a List of Flooring Types offered by Flooring Experts in Nairobi

1.) Laminate flooring

laminate flooring in Kenya
Laminate flooring has gained popularity over the years in Kenya, Laminated floors are made of thin sheets of paper mixed with melamine. Lamination floors will in most cases resemble stone or wood. Laminate flooring is mostly used due to its low cost and availability, it is mostly referred to as the low-cost alternative to hardwood. Lamination of floors is very effective in mimicking any hardwood style from maple, wide-plank, barn wood and cherry. These laminated floors are designed for an easy and quick click-together floating-floor installation. Advantages of laminated floor include water and stain resistance, easy to maintain and durability while the disadvantages include the inability to be repaired or refinished.

2.) Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring in Kenya

Flooring Experts in Nairobi will tell you this is one of the best flooring methods, its quite expensive but its the best for your house, office, hotel rooms, and other floor areas. It’s durable and has a beautiful visual. The best Hardwood floors are made of 3/4 inch thick pieces of hardwood.

3.) Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile Flooring in Kenya
Ceramic tile flooring is mostly used by Kenyans, some of the reasons behind this include affordability, durability and water resistance. Ceramic tiling can be used for both interior and exterior flooring needs, they are also available in different shades, patterns, sizes, and thickness.

Carpets in Kenya

Carpet flooring is mostly associated with high-end clients and big hotels among other floors. Carpets come in different sizes, sizes, colors, styles among other preferences. Carpets are very attractive because they are easy to install, are warm and soft and are preferred mostly for living rooms and bedrooms.

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