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Best Painters in Nairobi Kenya, Painters with a quality work guarantee. Painters with great experience and Best customer service.


Qualities of the Best Painters in Nairobi Kenya


Getting your paint job done on time and in the best quality needs the best painter in the Business. How do you choose the best among the many Painters in town?


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Guide to Choosing the Best Painters in Nairobi Kenya

  • Punctuality – Punctuality is one of the best features to look for in painters, a painter who has good time management skills will not only finish your project but will also have quality work finished as per the plan. Punctuality has always produced the best results and painters who are punctual always give the best results.
  • Courtesy- Courtesy is one value that has a lot of emphases especially for us in the African society, A painter who respects the client’s desires, preferences and opinions are the best people to work with. A good painter will attentively listen to what you want them to do and they will work hard to ensure they do exactly that. The painter will ask questions whenever he is not sure of what he is supposed to, He will also feel obliged to suggest better designs and methods to make the project better.
  • Versatile and Spot on-  the best painters in Nairobi are perfectionist, work with zero mistakes, if a mistake happens it should be corrected immediately,versatility comes in when the painter can do his work in a wide variety of tactics, his/ her experience allows him/ her to use the best ways for a perfect final product, The best painters have knowledge in brush painting, rolling, using the spray gun, interior and exterior painting techniques, surface protection, and preparation, masonry, plaster works and repairs among other skills.
  • Honesty- Honesty is when a painter will tell the client if he can do the job, on time and at the given budget, Honesty is coming clean in the whole process, having undiscussed expenses and if there will be an extra cost that was not part of the budget the client should be informed prior. An honest painter will also recommend another painter if he is not able to do the given task.
  • Clean- they say cleanliness is second to Godliness. Well, the best painters in Nairobi are known to clean the premises after they are done with the painting, the cost cleaning the premise should be included in the quotation before work commences.
  • Certification and Skills- it is always advisable to go for certified painters, the best painters in Nairobi have certifications from various institutions and Paint Companies like Crown, Sadolin, and Basco. Painters should also have knowledge and skills on the different safety measures to be taken to ensure that he doesn’t put his life or that of the client at risk while working.
  • Competent and Experienced- Experience is the best teacher most people will say, This is also true when it comes to choosing the best painters in Nairobi Most painters have websites and social media pages where you can read and see their past jobs, and what most customers had to say about them.



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