Interior Designers Charges in Kenya

Interior Designers Charges in Kenya

Interior Designers Charges in Kenya. What criteria do interior designers use to charge for their services and work? Let’s look at some of the criteria used.

  • Flat/ Fixed rate- Most designers will do a fixed or flat rate if they have every detail of the project. The project can also have a clause stating what happens if extra work comes out is to come,  If the contract is fixed rate the contractor will charge a fixed amount all through the work. This type of contract will cover the work and time. This type of charging for contracts is used for commercial and residential designs.
  • Hourly Charges- There are designers who charge per hour, These are mostly senior designers with lots of experience. They will charge with the number of work hours.
  • Mark up Fees- This is also known as cost-plus charging, the designer will charge a percentage mark up over the wholesale cost. This type of charging covers the designer’s efforts and the services provided.
  • Charging as a percentage of the total project fee- in this model the designer will charge a percentage of the total project cost. The designer will in most cases receive from 15 %.
  • Retainer Charges- In this type of payment system, the client will pay the designer upfront for a certain period, after the period is done and there needs to be more work the agreement will be extended.
  • Per Square Foot- Here the designer will charge based on the square footage of the project

Before settling on a client it is important to agree with the designer on the method of payment that is convenient for both the client and the designer. Have everything in writing to make it easier and settle disagreements and add on the agreements during work.

Agree on the Interior Designers Charges before starting work