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Curtain Ideas by the best Interior Designers in Kenya. Curtain that meet your taste and preference.Quality curtains at the most competitive rates in Kenya.Here are some considerations when choosing curtains for your house.

Factors to consider for your Curtain Ideas




Curtain Color ideas
Curtain Color ideas



Color is the first thing to consider when choosing a curtain. Curtain Ideas are supposed to compliment and work perfectly with the color of the house. Let your curtains bring out the best out of your room. choose the best color that matches your house basd on your taste and the people living there.







What Fabric are you choosing to be used in making the Curtains. The material used to make the curtain determines the life of the curtain and how beautiful the curtain will be. If the fabric is heavy the curtain may not fold well and may not bring in some light. Light Fabrics will bring in some light and also fold easily.When it comes to material or fabric for your curtains make use of  linen, silk, velvet and faux silk .

If you need fabrics that can keep the room warm use suede, velvet, tapestry or tweed,they are pretty heavy thus making them most convenient for cold seasons , they can also block light and heat into the room so you have to open the windows or doors for that.


Length and Lighting of the Curtains





What is the Size of your  window or door. How big do you want your curtains to be ,how high above the window, Designers will in most cases advice you to have your curtains six inches above the  frame. Make sure to measure from the top of the window to the floor. NB  if you are the kind of person who loves traditional looks have the curtain slightly puddled on the floor . For a  modern look have the panel fall flush with the floor.


Curtain Ideas by Digital Interiors



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